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SignageControl® is a user-friendly, flexible and powerful online platform which you use to provide your clients with Digital Signage.


How a partnership with us will impact you, your audience and your business.

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Whether you want to outsource the screens, software, installation or content or want to offer it to your customer yourself, we have everything in house to completely unburden and support you.

Depending on the focus on digital signage for your company, we have various options from full support to completely independent.


Competitive prices, Innovative features.

Software: With our software platform you can create, manage and broadcast content. You can choose from a rich media library of templates, entertainment, news, and your social media feeds. Our creation team is also ready to create customized content for you.

Hardware: Our solutions include a range of professional screens that are durable, versatile, reliable and available in a wide range of sizes. We also provide the most reliable external media players and SOC displays, which have an internal player.


Benefit from the many advantages of SignageControl® partner status.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Signagecontrol® is sold on a “Software as a Service” basis. The software runs entirely in “the cloud” on the internet, while our server park is directly connected to the internet backbone, delivering the optimal infrastructure and a robust failover procedure so the online software remains fully updated at all times.

Benefit from the latest technology!

We are now seeing the results of a revolution in video and media technology, the emergence of SMIL and HTML5 allows animations to be rendered in real time, delivering an optimal and relevant experience. Our total command of this technology allows you as a partner to profit from these technological advances.

Full support and outstanding service

Our technical staff are on hand to provide support in the area of technology and integration with other systems, while the user support and customer service department provide training for our partners in the use of the software, as well as setting up and managing narrowcasting schedules.

An ambitious team with years of experience

The team have years of experience in developing and supporting signage software for both major complex projects and simple applications with thousands of users.